mobility solution of the future

It is a sporty and neat vehicle driven by pedals and electricity, its an experience to drive and makes the journey in the city and countryside into an adventure.

Cyclocar takes the velomobile to a whole new dimension. Cyclocar is the answer to many of today's challenges and the mobility solution of the future.

Discover the world around you.

CycloCar model 1


Beyond roads.

High quality, strength of character, vibrancy and individuality make the CycloCar Velomobile possibly the most expressive model on the Scandinavian velomobile market. Innovative hull construction and design features harmoniously combined with the best materials present themselves as an impressively robust yet elegant and comfortable velomobile. Ergonomics and comfort have been factored into the CycloCar models. Unique console and steering adjustability give the driver the ability to position themselves according to their stature and preferred driving position. We have created a scalable and flexible system, easy to assemble with the aim to equip your velomobile according to your needs. Express yourself.

Max engine power250W
Speed25 kmph
Range50 km
CycloCar model 2


Beyond all limitations.

We have the desire to inspire people and give them the opportunity to discover the world around them. At CycloCar, the driver is in focus. Built for adventure - is our philosophy. This includes safety and reliability. That's why you can rely on the CycloCar velomobile as a driver. Driving pleasure, low consumption, plenty of space, agility and modern systems, in short: CycloCar embodies the perfect symbiosis of versatility and performance. The velomobile is produced with the most modern technology, design and the best overall package on the market today. CycloCar is targeted at a world where our travels can take place beyond roads. Beyond all limitations.

Max engine power250W
Speed25 kmph
Range50 km

Let nature be my playground.

Electric Power
kg lightweight
Max. speed


Design with tomorrow in mind.

CycloCar big 1

Design with the eyes of the driver

With the panorama window you will experience the feeling of freedom and behind the wheel the perfect balance between agility and comfort. The most important thing at the wheel of a vehicle, no matter whether it's a car or a velomobile, is to have a good feeling at all times, in every situation and under all conceivable conditions.

Seamless fender

Our CycloCar fender is seamless around corners, which improves protection, dampening and wear & tear characteristics. The seamless corners and customised fit give the fender a sleek design.

Eyecatcher everywhere

Individual design elements give the exterior of the CycloCar velomobile a special accent.

→ Climate neutral
The Cyclocar is both resource-efficient in production and energy-efficient in performance. It is powered by solar energy in combination with muscle strength and weighs only a fraction of what a normal car does.
→ Exercise and movement
A Cyclocar not only takes you where you want to go, it also gives you the everyday exercise you need.
It gives you in the long run a well-being in both body and soul.
→ Safety
A Cyclocar is not only safe for you who drive, it is also safe for your surroundings. In this way, the Cyclocar contributes to a safer urban environment.

→ Parking
A Cyclocar is surface efficient and easy to park in an urban environment, both outside the home and at work.
→ Driving license
You do not need a driving license to drive a Cyclocar. And you can ride it both on the bike lane and on the road.
→ Weather protection
Unlike a bicycle, Cyclocar has a body that protects you from the weather and wind.
→ The cool factor
It cannot be ignored that Cyclocar is stylish and exciting. It's not only fun to drive, it makes the people in town turn heads and say "wow"!

Climate neutral

Exercise and movement



Driving license

Weather protection

The cool factor


250W Mid Motor

The perfect choice.

CycloCar big 2


Here you can adjust the electric assist

Electric motor and battery

the motor and electrics are placed in front to enhance safety and weight distribution.

Someone pointed out once: 'A midmotor configuration will get you anywhere.' What a wise comment. The brand new 250W Mid Motor™ gives a new twist to the game. An electrical motor that effortlessly combines power, torque and speed, with state-of-the-art technology and performance. Of course CycloCar supports Bafang as well as one of its prime power partners. More to come..

The hubmotor mounted in the front maximizes power and optimises weight distribution. Safety comes into play here as well, with an installed firewall. The lithium battery pack is also in the front, which increases efficiency and performance. It's purpose-built for extreme power, durability, control and reliability.

Cutting-edge technology.


Innovation is just one part of our DNA.

Our mission is to build the best steel velomobiles for our customers. CycloCar has adopted the automotive industry's proven approach of modular manufacturing and their reliance on automation. The capability of replicating advanced automotive manufacturing quality is our breakthrough.

CycloCar velomobiles are produced in a dedicated and modern facility using a patented production method – 'Tigwelding'.

It represents an efficient and effective engineered solution - a combination of robotics, machines and software that are designed to work together and to deliver identical velomobiles - with the same performance, consistency, quality and price structure regardless of the volume. Advanced robots weld CycloCar velomobiles. Accurate and tight welding on joints are the basis of reliable quality.


Form follows function

CycloCar story 1
Master your velomobileing experience

The 250W Mid Motor™ is the world's first outboard engine equipped with an electric control system. The times of hydraulic pipes and cylinders are over. Combined with Direct Steering™, a fully integrated velomobile control system, which includes an enhanced binnacle control, a streamlined digital display, push-button start/stop switches, an RFID key fob and an innovative joystick. It's the joystick that moves the large craft in agile ways. This makes navigating crowded cities and parking tight spaces much less intimidating.

CycloCar story 2
CycloCar as your safe companion

We have developed a 'safety module' that complements the on-board electronics with the functions of preventive safety. The electronic monitors are tailored to the application and a variety of sensors detect critical situations around the clock. Whether there is a fault in the on-board power supply, failure of electronic entertainment systems: The safety module informs you about critical conditions on board. In case something really critical happens, the module has a lot of additional functions. One of these features is an integrated anti-theft alarm sound system that protects the velomobile from unauthorized use or location change and also protects against any violent intrusion. The cause of the alarm, together with the GPS position can be sent to any mobile device via SMS.

CycloCar story 3
Comfort is an art of form

We in Scandinavia spend a lot of time on the velomobile. Next to the car, it's our second living room. Therefore, in our eyes, comfort is the key to a satisfying, contemporary driver experience. When developing our velomobiles, we do everything to make you feel good, relaxed and in control of everything. After all, every ride deserves a great experience. The console design is inspired by the automotive industry. The shape of the console ensures optimal aerodynamics and ergonomics. The position of the steering wheel, throttle and shifter is close to the body so that it can be operated intuitively and conveniently - just like in a car.

24 / 7
We're where you are.

Fast Service

A new way to get behind the wheel.

Why should owning a velomobile be more complex then owning a car? FastService™ lets you experience the very best a brand-new velomobile has to offer, with extras that will complement your lifestyle, while removing all of the administrative headaches. Forget about fixing the insurance, taxes, maintenance and service yourself. Leave all that to us. No stress about the nuts and bolts of ownership. Just sit behind the wheel and treat yourself.

Your safety is an essential part of our pursuit. However, this guiding principle not only determines the way in which we build our velomobiles - it also consistently continues in our services.

First of all, FastService™ includes service from delivery of the velomobile to any desired location by knowledgeable employees, who give you the very best start with your new CycloCar. You will receive a training of the velomobile and its systems and a mandatory test drive. You can choose between a 1 or a 5 year full value insurance on the velomobile, engine and systems. We offer you a package that will keep your velomobile in top shape with the minimum effort on your part. This includes velomobile assistance in case of any claim or repair at no extra cost. The only requirement is that the velomobile be fully insured with our CycloCar Insurance 'Atlantica' and that we service the velomobile according to plan annually. CycloCar velomobiles are delivered turnkey-ready to be experienced carefree.

WE ARE CycloCar

The right combination of expertise and openness

CycloCar is a young innovative brand founded in Stockholm, Sweden. We are a dedicated team of engineers, renowned naval architects and designers with experience in the professional velomobile industry such as combat and police velomobiles and automated steel production. United by a single goal: offering true alternatives to traditional velomobileing. We do not just think outside the box. We are ready to turn the box on its head if that is what has to be done.

With the mission in mind to offer prime products, experiences and services, we asked ourselves: What makes us happy? We are always looking for lasting experiences: we seek them in the way we live, how we work, how we travel. We do not only create our own memories, we also have a responsibility to preserve and improve the world around us. You can call that sustainability. We call it life attitude. If you want to change something, you have to rethink. Join us in writing a new chapter in the history of the velomobile industry.

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